Drums Are Good For Kids

The past year had been rough on me considering I got let go from my last job and it took forever to find another job that was close by that I qualified for. It took literally months for me to come across the job I have now. It was a hard time for us since I was running far behind on the rent, car payment and other bills, that were long over due. When I finally caught up on expenses, I knew I had to save up enough money since my sons birthday was coming up. In just few short weeks I had made enough money to start shopping around for my sons birthday, but had no clue on what to look for since he was so hard to shop for.

I thought about and remembered right before I had lost my last job, my son was talking about how badly he wanted a drum set so he could learn to play like his father did. With that memory in mind I took an evening to sit in the bed and start up my laptop, to search around on the net for types of hand drums set for kids that would fit him and also wouldn’t break my bank. I found a few good deals but nothing popped out to me,

I was about to end my search for the night, I had came across a great deal here at musiciansfriend.com for a kids drum set. I ordered it immediately with the fear of it selling out considering its price, which was a steak, sorta speak. When it arrived at our home I had one heck of a time hiding it from my son until his birthday.

When his birthday came around him brought out his new drum set and he ripped open the gift paper and I had never seen him smile so big in his life. He hasn’t gotten off his new drum set since that day and has thought himself very well. He is by far a natural and I am excited to see where he takes his talent. I’m so happy that I could give him a gift he absolutely wanted while keeping a wad of cash afterwards for future occasions.


Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11

Every year the 7-11’s give away millions of free small Slurpees on the11th of July. It is always a huge hit around here, but I have to admit it bothers me to see how sloppy people are. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to make it so hard on other people that shop there and of course for the good folks that have to clean it up through out the day and night.

This year I didn’t even stop in there because last year’s mess left a bad taste in my mouth.

Indoor Skydiving – How Cool Is That

Oh how I love YouTube.com. Check out this really cool  footage from the world indoor skydiving championship 2008 that was held somewhere over  in England. This is something that really looks like it could be some good clean fun, maybe something that I’d even attempt to do maybe with a little prompting.  Funny how if I did it indoors like what these good folks are going it would be O.K. but to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, no way! LOL!

I am getting a bit frustrated with YouTube.com lately, they keep changing the format and I am constantly trying to figure out how to find my way around it. My Playlist keeps shrinking all the time because so many of my videos have been removed for one reason or another and they don’t even tell you what video it was, you just get a total blank screen, man that gets on my last nerve. I’d just like the chance to replace it with another version, if possible.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I never really understood why the 5th of May was a celebration of Mexican heritage, so I looked it up online and found that Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The Internet makes learning things such as this so much easier and quicker than back in the day when you had to rely on your encyclopedias or going to the local library.

Water Sampling

Someone left a door hanger bag on my front door this morning and the doors of all my neighbors. It has a little plastic tube with a blue cap and a flyer in the bag with instructions on how to take a water sample. I have no idea who this company is and why they want water from my kitchen sink. The flyer says it is not affiliated with the Government’s water department and that there is no charge for the test.

This makes me wonder if I should participate or if this is the first phase of a new scam? My suspicious nature tells me that uninvited offers should be ignored. And the little kid in me would love to put something, other than my water from my kitchen sink into their little plastic tube just to mess with them. I sure hope that doesn’t make me sound like a bad person, because I’m not.’m not wanting to put anything nasty in it, like urine or stuff like that, just maybe some white vinegar or some other clear liquid that I would have around the house. I just like playing practical jokes on people. April Fools Day is one of my favorite holidays!