Monthly Archives: September 2009

Disgusted with Jon and Sick of Kate

Tell you what. I’m truly disgusted with the Jon half of Jon and Kate. He has turned out to be an irresponsible cad, dating a bunch of girls and trotting his business out in public – even going out of the country with his little sluts.

And I’m sick of Kate. She has turned into a total control freak. She is not nice to anyone and I feel so badly for her kids – they have no escape and no one to help them with their suffering under Iron Kate’s hand.

Honestly, since they have announced they are getting a divorce, there’s no point in continuing their reality TV show. No one wants to watch people going through a divorce. The magic in the reality TV show was that these two people were going to demonstrate how to successfully handle raising 8 kids and keep their home and marriage intact. That’s not happened.

So cancel the show and move on to a success story so these poor kids will have some peace. They will never have a chance at a normal life. So at least let them have some peace.