Monthly Archives: August 2011

Power Issues

My mother called me this morning to assure me that they were all right after a long night of worry and concern due to the extreme weather conditions down where they live, thanks to Irene. They did lose power, but they had a generator all ready to go and it kept them in what little power the two of them needed for the night. When they woke up this morning the power was all gone and they are good to go.

I hope that things get to normal real quick, this has been a long week and we all could use a break for goodness sake!

Thursday Night on MTV

I used to look forward to Thursday nights when CBS had Survivor on Thursday nights. I was a hard core fan of Survivor for the first 9 seasons or so and then they switched to Wednesday nights and that is when I stopped watching it since it conflicted with other shows that I all ready watched on Wednesday nights.

These days I look forward Thursday nights because that is when the hit series The Jersey Shore show comes on MTV and tonight they are showing the second episode of their stay in Italy.  Who knows what all with take place over there, guess I’ll find out more tonight at 10pm.

Italy Gets Smushed

I’m so glad that the new season of Jersey Shore is starting in a few days, this time they will be over in Italy, can just imagine what antics these wild and crazy group of young adults will get into in a totally different country! This weekend MTV has been running their Jersey Shore Marathon that allowed me to catch some of the episodes that I had missed over the last couple of seasons and now I ready for Italy!