Brie en croute

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I recently went back to my hometown to visit my parents. They informed me that they might be at church when I got there, so to just let myself in and grab a snack to hold me over until they returned dinner. For some reason, home alarm systems always made me nervous. I don’t know what terrible things I thought would happen if I set one off, but I was always a little tense when I opened a door and had to enter a code. I successfully disarmed theirs and was greeted by their three spotted dogs. I let them outside for a few minutes, and then proceeded to take inventory in the kitchen. My mom always had the most amazingly stocked kitchen. My eyes quickly landed on the brie en croute, so I heated up the oven to bake it. It took a while to prepare, but I figured by the time it was done, my parents would be home and could share it with me. As predicted, they walked in the door just as the timer went off!

One thought on “Brie en croute

  1. Ed

    Alarm systems always make me nervous, too. I am fortunate to live in a nice area that doesn’t require alarm systems to feel safe at home.

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