Daily Archives: April 30, 2013

Undermount Kitchen Sinks Galore Online

When my mother asked me if she could put me in charge of looking into getting a new Undermount Kitchen Sink for her to be installed in her aging kitchen I had no idea what a variety of sinks that there is these days. I’m so grateful for the Internet, if not for being to go online seeing all that there is out there, I fear I would be running around in circles all around town, what a hassle that would be.

I found a great site last night at Mrdirectint.com that has a great selection of Undermount Kitchen Sinks that I think my mother would be interested in. Too bad she doesn’t use the home computer that they have all set up in the den, just sitting there waiting and hoping to be used some day, or else I could just shoot her an email with a few links to the ones that I think would suit her needs and wants. At least I can take my handy dandy laptop over there this weekend and show her what I have come up so far.