Find Online Deals

As for the people that can afford a computer with access to the Internet there are great ways to find deals online, such as the well known Vistaprint coupon, that are there a plenty just for the taking. Just today I found a great Office Depot coupon that I used to buy more case paper. I have to buy my case paper by the ream these days with as much printing as I am finding myself doing and am always looking for the best deal by using coupon codes or promotions codes. Free shipping is a big deal as well. If I can’t get free shipping then they don’t get my money it is as simple as that.

Hey before I forget you just have to check out this awesome Gadget Blog. I wasn’t on there for 2 minutes before I found some thing that will be perfect to use at parties that I’m sure no one else has ever seen, heard or played before. It’s a game called Bite The Bullet, it comes with a dice along with12 bullets made of chocolate, with one of the bullets filled with a very hot chili pepper. The game is much like the Russian Roulette game and it sounds like a hoot. For $5 I’m ordering several of them, they will make good gifts come the holiday season, right?