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Late Night Milk Shakes and The Prom

Last night I took a late night trip to one of the local burger joints in town. Had a craving for a milkshake and this place has the best milkshakes ever. For some reason the drive through was closed. I was about to drive away since I am a drive through kind of gal. But I figured that I had come so far and got so close to having my late night snack attack satisfied that I would actually park my car and walk into the place.

There were only three other people in there at that hour, other than me of course. There was a mother and a couple of high school seniors all dressed up from their prom night. They were so cute. Both appearing to be very shy and I am sure that they were wishing that they were any where other than there with their chaperone. I almost stopped and asked to take a picture of them with my cell phone but chickened out at the last minute.

Love my milkshakes

The Best Milkshakes Ever!

How Low Can You Go For Eyeglasses

I’m hoping that one day I’ll actually buckle down and get the eye laser surgery that has become so popular and that so many people have turned to in order to have their eye sight back to normal. That way they don’t have to wear glasses or contacts any more. I just have this thing about a doctor messing with my eyes, it just creeps me out, big time. So in the mean time I’ll just keep going to my eye doctor once a year and continue to buy new glasses every other year like I have been doing for so long.

For the past several years I’ve been purchasing my eyeglasses from Zenni Optical via the Internet. I gotta tell you – they have a tremendous variety of eye wear to select from and their prices just can’t be beat. They have even lowered their prices, their lowest price went from $8 to $6.95, that would be a hard price to beat anywhere.

I just came back from the eye doctor’s with a new prescription, so I immediately went online to Zenni Optical’s website to see what they have to offer these days. I was impressed with their newest feature where you can take a picture of yourself and upload it and then you have a virtual try-on frames program that allows you to see what the glasses look like on you. Now how cool is that?


Pet Store

Today I’m going to stop by the pet store on the way home. I don’t need any new pets. I don’t even need any food or anything. I just feel like looking at rows of fish tanks with all the marvelous fish and water creatures, and the cages with all the pretty birds in them. I love animals so much – I would love to get a job at a pet store. But today I just want to look.

so many pretty critters

The Pet Store


The Good and The Bad

With every negative there is a positive. I have always been a firm believer in Karma and that for every action there is a reaction. Also referred to as the Ying and Yang.  Interesting as I grow and mature how I come to realize some pretty amazing events that I’ve shared with some pretty amazing people, but I have been in some deep dark situations. I have come to know some pretty sorry excuses of human beings along the way. These things happen for a reason and in their own time so you just have to roll with it, do the best that you can, one day at a time.

These are some random thoughts that I was thinking about today. Today has been a challenge. I have to go online and try and find the right vibration mounts that my neighbor is looking for, as he refuses to go on any computer for any reason. He turns to friends and family to do a lot of things that he could all do for himself if he would only get over the fear of the “wicked computers of the world”. I usually don’t mind helping him. He is always nice and helpful towards me. A good way for more “good Karma” points to be added to my positive list.

good vs evil

The Old Ying and Yang