Daily Archives: May 20, 2014

Salt Generator

When your a huge fish fanatic like I am, you notice your tanks get bigger and bigger over time. I prefer the colors of saltwater fish, definitely my first choice of fish to have in my house. I found intellichlor salt generator replacement cells online. My fish have such vibrant colors. It is definitely worth the price to the fullest, I would truly recommend anyone this for anyone who enjoys their fish tanks and wants to improve its beauty and style.

I have all most always had one fish or another for as long as I can remember. My oldest sister was allergic to all kinds of domestic animals so we never were allowed to have cats or dogs in the house. Thank goodness my mother finally backed down and allowed me to have fish. A good sized gold fish who I named Goldie, of course! Now a days I sit back and enjoy my clownfish which is my favorite fish that I currently own. The Paracanthurus hepatus in the tank along with him make me feel as if I’m watching the movie Finding Nemo which I watch at least once a year even after all these years…