Daily Archives: May 31, 2014

Getting a Grip on U-Shaped Handles

For the past few years I have been remodeling and refurnishing my home, seeing how the kids have grown up and moved out to start their lives on their own. I have been waiting for them to move out for quite some time now, and now that they have, I can finally start on their old bedrooms and their old bathrooms upstairs.

I have been steadily but surely been getting the rest of the house done so I could start on the upstairs. I only have the kitchen to finish up on before I can do that, so I have been on the hunt for new cabinets which are the last touches I need to finish up on the first floor. I found some that I could afford and would also match the theme I’m going for, but I do not like the handles on them at all. They are designed the same exact way as the old cabinet handles are designed so I immediately started my search for handles that would offer a better grip, verses my hands slipping from them as I’m opening them, which sometimes can be irritating.

I jumped on the net to see if I could find some good deals on handles that could provide a better grip. It didn’t take me long to find u-shaped handles that I could put on not only the kitchen cabinets, but also the cabinets and drawers for the upstairs bathrooms. They were such a great price and offered the better grip I have been looking for, I just couldn’t turn my head on the deal. I ordered them and I am so excited to be able to open my cabinets and drawers with ease, and save money compared to many others u-shaped handles I found.