Shoes Are Boring, Wear Sneakers

Sneakers sure have come a long way since I was a kid wearing my Keds or of course my much loved Chuck All Stars that I would usually wear out before I out grew. There wasn’t much of a selection of styles and/or colors back then, pretty basic stuff actually, made it easy to pick out, try on and walk out wearing back then.

These days there are more types of sneakers than you can shake a stick at. I love the ash sneaker wedge, made of suede and canvas upper, that my kid sister is drooling over and wanting me to purchase for her online with my credit card. She is promising that she will pay me back $50 a week until the balance is paid off, since she doesn’t have a credit card or even a debit card that she could use to purchase anything even if she wanted to. Hence she is frequently asking me for my assistance at times like this. So far it has worked out pretty well and I don’t mind helping out when I can.