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Nichole and Guitar Music

My over night stay with my sister and her six year daughter Nichole, my favorite niece of all time. Believe me I have a whole slew of nieces and nephews and Nichole has stolen my heart since the day she was welcomed into this world. I have witnessed and have played an important role in various births, family and a few close friends, but this one was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Nichole is starving for attention. Having a single mom is a difficult situation on everyone involved with the whole world seeming to be at your door wanting to come in and make things worse. Each one with their own agenda and expecting something in return, simple as that.

Anyway, I try to visit them as much as possible, it’s only a two hour drive but I have to go over 2 mountains to get there and often the roads are way too dangerous to drive on. I always bring several “presents” to surprise and delight her. I can’t seem to get enough of seeing that wonderful and totally pure excitement and the ear-to-ear smile that just lights my life up for several days after leaving them to head back over the 2 mountains to where I now call home.

This time I brought a lap steel guitar and gave it to her so that when I play my guitar she can play around on this wonderful lap steel guitar so that we can sing and play together. This girl is just exploding with musical talents, loves to dance and sing and is able to keep a beat no matter what type of music comes on. I would love to encourage her in any way possible to explore and find at least one musical instrument that she can play for the rest of her life. Music = Life while Life = Music, simple as that.

something different and unique

Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag

I’m Bringing the Cheesecake

This is going to be a crazy busy weekend with the family Easter dinner that I am helping my sister host over at her house. After work tomorrow I am heading straight over to her place to eat dinner and do a few things before hitting the sack nice and early in her guest room in order to get a good night’s rest before tackling the weekend tasks that I have been assigned and asked to do.

Sis is going to be doing most of the cooking while I tackle the cleaning and the decorating that is needed to be done by Sunday. I’m glad that the cheesecake that I ordered online arrived yesterday. That is the only food item that I have been asked to bring to contribute to the meal. Last year, the cheesecake that I ordered was a big hit, so I hope that this year it will be just as well received.

The family is scheduled to start arriving bright and early Easter morning, to start the Easter Egg Hunt that we always hold for all the kiddies each Easter. As the family grows bigger, we need to hide more eggs so everyone will have fun finding lots of candy.

Putting A Stop To It All

It is being said to call the toll free number that I all ready have in my contact list on my cell phone, because as of sometime in the first week of March everyone’s cell phone number will go public, which means that we can expect to receive up to 25 various telemarketing calls a day, if you don’t call and place your number on the Do Not Call List. Every couple of years we hear that something has passed and to call this number, so I have never deleted these past couple years.

I wish that it was that easy to block and stop collection harassment for good with a phone call to a toll free number, but alas I don’t see that happening, ever. My brother-in-law, out in L.A.  is seeking legal help to help stop collection harassment California style it has gotten so out of control for them.

I would not like to be the other person on the other end of any unwanted phone calls from him or anyone really. To spend the day really putting people in a bad mood would certainly put a damper on my mood and attitude.