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Optical Needs and Wants

My oldest son needs to go to the eye doctor at some point this year, it has been put off and put off for so long that I’ve almost forgotten about it. Last night I was taking a few moments to surf the Internet and I ran across an article by the Brooklyn-Liberal-Examiner about Zenni Optical. It seems that Zennie Optical is the place to go for all types of cheap eyeglasses and you can use their website to virtually try on their eye wear products until you find the perfect pair for yourself by uploading a photo of your face, then get the selection process started. It’s the Internet a wonderful tool for busy moms like myself.

My son will enjoy taking the picture with his digital camera and he will be in charge of down loading it all and he can take as much time as he wants trying on the huge selection that Zenni Optical has for today’s online shoppers.

This concept sounds so much better than dragging him down to the lengthy appointment with his eye doctor and then head in next door to the eye glass store and waiting around there for help for how ever long it takes them to get to you. That place is always busy and under staffed.  Then you have to sit there while he tries on pair after pair after pair after pair, disregarding all of my comments along the way. It can be a real time consuming and pain in the rear process that I can certainly do with out. So ordering online with Zenni Optical should be most convenient and interesting.

Cheap Is Good

It seems that every time I turn around one of us is needing something, not wanting, but needing. Having a family and running a home these days is an expensive responsibility. I can only hope that our tax return for this year will be a good amount so that we can get a few things done around here and take care of a few wants and needs of some of the family members.

My main concern right now is my kids teeth and eyes. I have dental insurance from work but it doesn’t cover a whole heck of a lot, it’s better than nothing, but it adds up to a good amount year after year. And as far as our insurance covering our optical needs, not happening any time soon, I can tell you that. Our company is one of many that is cutting back, big time, on benefits, so our eye sight is to be taken care of on our own these days.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Since my niece is thrilled with the Guitar which came with a 5 string p bass pickup, I gave her two Christmas’s ago, she and I have learned a bit about this type of iconic and popular electric guitar models. When I found this guitar for sale online I was reading in the description area about this guitar that started out in the Country and Western and Swing scene. It did eventually find it’s way into the hands and hearts of many legendary players and has been going strong for over fifty years strong now.

So on that Christmas afternoon after things had settled down from everyone opening up their presents and finding something to eat, I sat down with my niece and told her what I had found out about this type of electric guitar, she was genuinely interested and has learned so much more, two years later, that she is using all of her information for an essay in her Music Class at school. I think that is pretty darned cool. I can’t wait to see what kind of grade it brings her and of course I want to read it as soon as she gets it back. This makes me feel really good. She is a good kid so I’m sure she will be getting a good grade that I will be able to brag about to my friends and co-workers.



Music of YesterYear

It’s so cool to see that people are looking for and turning to the old vinyl album records that were popular and used back in the day when my parents were teenagers. My folks gave me a stack of old 45’s when I was about 11 and let me play them on an old portable record player that they found at a yard sale for only a couple of bucks in case I ruined it it wouldn’t cost them a lot of money to fix or replace.

The only songs that I remember that were on that stack of 45’s are Wild Thing and Suicide is Painless (the theme song for the hit TV series about the Korean War – MASH. And every time I hear either one of those songs such a flood of memories come rushing in and I can just see that old record player that was in a red and white striped case. Not sure what ever happened to that old thing or the stack of 45’s that they entrusted me with. Most likely it was trashed many years ago and will never be seen or used again by anyone, such a shame when I think about it.

There are a lot ways to get to listen to all types of music these days and a ton of music out there just waiting to go home with some one to be listened to and enjoyed over and over. Music is such a big part of most peoples lives. I can’t imagine life with out music. I have found an Oldies Music website that has a great selection of music from days gone by, as well as some pretty cool and unusual DVDs that they have put on their site for sale.