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MIDI Foot Controllers

July 24th, 2014

Hearing the UPS truck driving up the driveway is always exciting, but yesterday I could have hugged the driver when he came to the door with the package that I had ordered from that contained the MIDI Foot Controller that I plan on giving to my cousin Fred for his birthday which just so […]

Coming from a large family with a lot of siblings I have always wished that one of us had gone on to be some type of attorney. We have a plumber, an electrician, a heating/air condition specialist, a computer geek, a chief , a business marketing specialist, an engineer, a customer service representative, a mechanic, […]

There are so many guitars out there for sale at various price ranges. I am looking at guitars for beginners for my kid brother to use in his quest to become a “rock star”. I would love to be able to have him find his most desired treasure on the table along with all of […]

Digital Piano Reviews

July 9th, 2014

Like a lot of folks I like to do a bit of research on any product or service before spending my hard earned money on anything. Last night I was looking at various digital piano reviews online before really considering ordering one for my sister to use as her birthday/Christmas present this up and coming […]

Researching New Cars Online

June 23rd, 2014

My parents are so excited about the idea of buying a new car. It has been a very long time since they have purchased a vehicle and even longer a new one. They were all ready to start buying magazines to read up on the latest models when I explained to them that you can […]