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Loud Sounds

There is something about certain noises that really trip my trigger. Sounds like drums,base, thunder, fireworks, shotguns, and the best ever being the low rumble of a Harley-Davidson. And if you give that bike a couple of blasts of gas while going through a tunnel, well, you just can’t get anything better than that, ever.

I can’t wait for my kid brother, Billy to get his new drum set. I never thought that he would ever venture out and replace the one that he has had all his life. We always knew he was going to be a drummer. Billy would loudly rock back and forth and bang his head in his crib, sometimes for hours before going to sleep and sometimes after he woke up. When Billy got his first real drum set, it was love at first sight. Billy lives to play the drums and has totally no interest in learning and/or playing any other musical instrument. It’s all about the drums!

So this new classic PDP drum at that he has been talking up should be arriving at his door sometime next week. I have a feeling that we are going to see and hear from him, less and less. I’ll give him some “alone time” with it before running over to hear and see it, which isn’t easy for me since I am one of his biggest fans. Always have been and always will be. In the mean time I’ll just have to go to the shooting range and practice my shooting with my 20 gauge shotgun to get my audio thrills.

Pacific Drums

PDP Concept Maple by DW 5-Piece Shell Pack


No Bathroom Closet

My bathroom has become a nightmare. I have way too much stuff for such a small bathroom to hold. This bathroom has no closet in it to hold so much of the typical bathroom items that we all need and use.  I’ve never not had a bathroom closet to us. So I am now thinking it would be a good idea to look into purchasing some bathroom shelving that I could install myself that would hold a good amount of things that are just not being stored and/or displayed correctly. While I’m at it some towel rings would certainly help get some things uncluttered as well since I have so many towels of every shape, size and color that take up a lot of room in there. By hanging some of them on the wall that will lesson the load some too.

When I moved out of my parents house my mother gave me so much stuff to use in my own place. She had been holding onto these things for so long just for me to use that I just didn’t have the heart to say no thank-you to her. Now I am dealing with a lot of stuff that I really don’t need but can’t get rid of or it would really hurt her feelings.

It isn’t just bathroom stuff mind you, but stuff for every room in the place, mainly the kitchen. And considering that she comes over now and then she would certainly notice if anything was gone and then I would never hear the end of it. Some of this stuff was handed down to her from her mother and other relatives and she has been holding onto it all these years waiting for the time to come when I would move out and need things.

Wellness Drink For Joint Pain

My sister was telling me that I should call 1-800-203-7063 and ask for a free 32 ounce bottle of the Nopalea wellness drink that everyone seems to be talking about. I have been having some joint pain in both of my hips, which is most likely arthritis, but I’m not quite ready yet to admit it or talk to my Primary Care Doctor about it, although I know darn well that arthritis runs in the family, both sides.

Sis tells me that the healing properties of the Nopal cactus has been being used for native peoples for many centuries for a variety of health issues and that she personally knows a few people that have been drinking this wellness drink daily and have seen a significant improvement that they are thrilled with. So all I have to do is call and pay the $9.95 shipping and handling charge to get my first bottle of this all natural wellness drink to see if I can handle the taste of it, since I am known for being an extremely picky eater (and drinker) and then take it from there.

I know I should go see my doctor but I really don’t like taking time off of work to go see him and he isn’t the warm and fuzzy type of person that I wish he would be, but he is all that I have since my current insurance has a limited list of doctors that accept them, sigh…….

Scholarship Information A Plenty

Since my sister couldn’t take off work to go pick up her son from school, who had gotten into a bit of trouble in school today, she called me and asked if I could do it for her. Since I wasn’t slammed with my usual work load today I told her that I could take care of it for her. I had to wait in the guidance counselor’s office for over 15 minutes until they brought him out to me so I took that time to look at all of the pamphlets, brochures and fliers that had in there. I have an issue with just sitting still, I usually have a Reader’s Digest that I keep in my purse to that I will have something to read when I find myself in situations like this.

I was surprised to see so much literature available in that office concerning scholarships for their students to take advantage of after graduation. I don’t remember having that much information about scholarships in the guidance counselor’s office in my high school, but then again going to college wasn’t really an option for us back then since my folks didn’t seem to encourage any of us to further our education past high school.

For The Love of Dogs

It looks like it is time to start looking for new collars and new dog tags for dogs. The ones that our two beloved dogs are wearing now have both seen better days at this point. Actually I think I will look for harnesses for them to wear instead of a collar, I have been hearing that these harnesses are much better for Pugs since there has been an issue with their eyes popping out of their sockets while wearing collars that are too tight and then pulled on. That would not be a good thing for any of us to witness or deal with. I can’t even imagine how any of us would re act to something like that and of course with our luck it would happen at night or on the weekend when non of the local vets would be open for us to take them to.

We have been seeing some pretty cool custom dog tags for dogs online lately that I want to check out later on today. So I might as well look at harnesses as well even though we have a local Petco in town that we do business with from time to time. I really do prefer to do as much shopping online as possible. The one good thing about going to this particular store is that you are allowed to bring your pets in with you and makes for a good outing for the whole family. Unfortunately neither one of our Pugs do well in the car, after 15 minutes of riding one or the other will certainly throw up and that is no fun to deal with while trying to drive. And the kids don’t take kindly with riding the rest of the way there with vomit on their laps and various other places in the car!