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I Can Be Walking and A Talking

Stopped by Sam’s Club tonight on the way home to pick up some dog food and dog treats. Sam’s saves me about $10 a week on just dog supplies over the cost at Kroger, Publix and even Wal-Mart. My dog does best on the Purina red bag of dog food, called Purina One, and the flavor is called “sensitive systems.” For variety I will pick up a bag of chicken and rice flavor once in a great while, but they do best with the sensitive systems flavor, which are mostly salmon and vegetables.

While I was in Sam’s I noticed an aisle display of walkie talkies in a blister pack of two handsets. They claim to have a 20 mile range, which is extremely powerful. Most walkie talkies that I’ve looked at only have an 8 mile range. So 20 miles is a huge improvement, and they were reasonably priced at just $54 for the two handsets plus a battery charger for home and one for the car.

As soon as I got them home I tore open the blister pack and got those batteries charging. It takes 16 hours for the initial charge, but the batteries should last about 6 months on that one charge. I can’t wait to give them a field test and see what kind of mileage they really do get.

Remembering The Amps

Anyone who knows anything about amplifiers could tell you that a good amplifier is one of the best things you can do for a great sound. I know that when we were growing up, my older brother always wanted a 300 watt amp to use with and for his band that always played and practiced in our garage, but never got one until many years later. It was my idea to find a good deal on an amplifier and have everyone in the family pitch in so that we could get a good quality fender amp for him on his 21st birthday.

I just stumbled onto a bunch of photos and found one with him standing there, just as happy as a clam, with his new Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head. I am going to scan the photo and put it on Facebook for everyone that utilizes Facebook these days to enjoy.

a great 300 watts

Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head

Business Cards For Moms

Jenny just cracks me up. Jenny is a stay at home mother of twins, one a girl and the other a boy and they will be turning 3 next month. Being a stay at home mother wasn’t something that I thought I’d see Jenny doing but it seems to be good for her. She is always tired, who wouldn’t be with two year old twins, but she has her figure back and looks healthy and happy.

She told me that she thinks that she wants to print business cards out with her name and contact information (phone numbers, email, Facebook, etc…) that she can hand out to all of the other mothers that she meets at the park and other places that she takes the kids. I think it’s a grand idea. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. She has always been a very creative person, maybe she will have the twins photo on the cards. I’m glad she is my friend. And I’m glad she hasn’t asked me to baby sit! LOL

Optical Needs and Wants

My oldest son needs to go to the eye doctor at some point this year, it has been put off and put off for so long that I’ve almost forgotten about it. Last night I was taking a few moments to surf the Internet and I ran across an article by the Brooklyn-Liberal-Examiner about Zenni Optical. It seems that Zennie Optical is the place to go for all types of cheap eyeglasses and you can use their website to virtually try on their eye wear products until you find the perfect pair for yourself by uploading a photo of your face, then get the selection process started. It’s the Internet a wonderful tool for busy moms like myself.

My son will enjoy taking the picture with his digital camera and he will be in charge of down loading it all and he can take as much time as he wants trying on the huge selection that Zenni Optical has for today’s online shoppers.

This concept sounds so much better than dragging him down to the lengthy appointment with his eye doctor and then head in next door to the eye glass store and waiting around there for help for how ever long it takes them to get to you. That place is always busy and under staffed.  Then you have to sit there while he tries on pair after pair after pair after pair, disregarding all of my comments along the way. It can be a real time consuming and pain in the rear process that I can certainly do with out. So ordering online with Zenni Optical should be most convenient and interesting.

Cheap Is Good

It seems that every time I turn around one of us is needing something, not wanting, but needing. Having a family and running a home these days is an expensive responsibility. I can only hope that our tax return for this year will be a good amount so that we can get a few things done around here and take care of a few wants and needs of some of the family members.

My main concern right now is my kids teeth and eyes. I have dental insurance from work but it doesn’t cover a whole heck of a lot, it’s better than nothing, but it adds up to a good amount year after year. And as far as our insurance covering our optical needs, not happening any time soon, I can tell you that. Our company is one of many that is cutting back, big time, on benefits, so our eye sight is to be taken care of on our own these days.