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Isn’t It Ironic

It didn’t take long to find some affordable work clothes for my oldest sister to wear to her new job at at the front desk of one of the busiest pediatrician’s office in the area. After doing a quick Google search, I was surprised to find a great variety of scrubs that she will be able to wear there each day.

This is a girl who is a fashion diva, she has more clothes than anyone I know and for her to start a job where she has to wear a uniform instead of all of the fabulous clothes that we have spent so much money on throughout the years is just ironic to me.

wild about flexible scrubs by cherokee

Cherokee Flexibles Scrubs I’m Wild About You Print Top


Being Single On Valentine’s Day

The challenge to being single these days is the very troubling and potentially life altering question, what about Valentine’s Day, which is only one day a way by the way. Do it wrong and you can lose all hope of a future relationship with the women who might turn out to be Ms. Right. But on the other hand, if you over do you might end up sending the wrong message to Ms. Right Now.

Personally, I don’t plan on sending roses to my sweetheart until I am 100% convinced he is Mr. Right and we are actually engaged, with a ring and all. Until then, I don’t mind spoiling the men in my life with Valentine‚Äôs Day Gifts such as big boxes of gourmet chocolates or a nice dinner out. Of course, the chocolates have to be the best – like the ones at Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. I discovered Gertrude Hawk the last time I went to New York City on a business trip and one of the brokers brought up the subject of fine chocolates. The next day she introduced me to their Smidgens and I have been a fan ever since.

valentine love


Do You Preview Kids Movies?

Some of my friends who are moms were talking about the latest movies that are supposed to be for kids or family friendly. We pretty much count on Disney, Warner Brothers and Dreamworks to give us movies that we trust are appropriate for children.

All of my friends take their parenting responsibilities very seriously, but evidently some are much more protective and cautious than me. Several moms said that they preview all movies before deciding if the content is suitable for their children. The idea of watching every kid’s movie first just never occurred to me. I wonder if they ever see a movie that they think is bad and don’t let their kids watch it? I have never heard anyone say that a Disney movie was inappropriate for their kids, have you?

Buffalo Indian Chief Classic Coin Design Tribute

The Buffalo Nickel has always fascinated me. My father was an avid coin collector, so I learned a lot about coins during my childhood. I was hoping that I would receive his collection (or at least part of it) when he passed away, so many years ago, but that just wasn’t the way things went down when the time came.

Throughout the years I have picked up a few pieces here and there along the way and I’ve always wanted a few of the Buffalo Nickels (1913 through 1938.) that my father would tell me so many stories about. While I continue my search for the original Buffalo Nickels they do have available some pretty nice ones at modern coin wholesale dot com that are made of pure silver bullion bars that are made in the U.S.A. from silver mined in the U.S. I think this might be a great way to start as well as a good investment.

classic coin design tribute

buffalo indian chief classic coin design tribute

Winter Crafts

My sister is incredibly talented and has learned how to paint in a beautiful style called “one stroke” painting. She is so good that people are asking her to hold classes and teach them how to do this, too.


She just finished painting these butterflies and leaves on a large wooden lazy susan for her kitchen table.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the bright colors and the different shadings.