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Not Just Shopping, But Retail Therapy

women shopping

Not Just Shopping

How is it that Ozmott, an app I hadn’t heard about until recently but has been around since 2012, has figured out how to complete my life?! I’ve used numerous shopping apps, however this one has proven itself unique.

Ozmott has taken all of the perks such as Rewards, Social Networking, Gaming & Ease of Use to a level that I can truly appreciate. I didn’t have to spend hours sifting through offers and clipping items I want to use. However, I can add deals to my Cloud if I thought I might want to use them later. I was able to add my friends to the app so that they could get deals too and I (most importantly) earned bigger rewards for the more friends I added!

The rewards system Ozmott uses is called “Pips”. They carry two types of deals: Regular (the white ones) and Luxe (the gold ones) Guess which ones have the biggest discounts? Yep, Luxe! Unlock one of those babies and you’re saving some dolla dolla billz y’all! Quick tip-they give you 100 Pips just for signing up to help get you rolling.

OH! GEOlocation is such a cool feature! It brings up the offers/stores that have deals NEAR me! And not, the closest metro near me BUT REALLY, the ones right in my town literally 1 mile away! Or closer, depending on where you are.. duh;) Since I live in such a small town that finding a guitar center near me or any of the many stores that that I spend a good amount of money at can only be find online unless I want to drive 3 hours to get to any place of a decent sized brick and mortar store(s)

Ozmott doesn’t send me those ANNOYING push notifications! They don’t even ask! I was so happy not to be bothered with this. I’m sorry if I seem over the top on this issue but it is definitely a pet peeve.

So, let’s wrap this up in a tight little package and use it to save some cash during the Holidays.

  • Geolocation – Shows you what deals are close
  • Social Network – Let’s me brag to my friends if I want
  • Rewards System – Get paid to share with my friends
  • Not Annoying!
  • Oh, and let’s not forget easy.. It really is an easy app to sign up with and use 
right away.
Have Fun and Happy New Year!

Dissapointing Halloween Turnout

The amount of trick-or-treaters that we get here has been dwindling in numbers each and every year, which is really depressing. I rather enjoy dressing up, decorating the house up and answering the door bell to hand out candy to all the neighborhood kids. This year we didn’t get a single trick-or-treater. We are being told that it was because of all of the extreme weather due to Hurricane Sandy. Guess we will find out for sure next year.

True Love

My honey brought me roses for Valentines Day! That is my favorite flower! I love the way roses come in so many colors. I especially love the tiny pink “sweetheart roses.” They are so dainty and so perfect – it is like looking at a newborn baby’s tiny fingers and toes and marveling at how perfect Mother Nature can be!

roses are perfect for love

Happy Valentines Day

Shoes Are Boring, Wear Sneakers

Sneakers sure have come a long way since I was a kid wearing my Keds or of course my much loved Chuck All Stars that I would usually wear out before I out grew. There wasn’t much of a selection of styles and/or colors back then, pretty basic stuff actually, made it easy to pick out, try on and walk out wearing back then.

These days there are more types of sneakers than you can shake a stick at. I love the ash sneaker wedge, made of suede and canvas upper, that my kid sister is drooling over and wanting me to purchase for her online with my credit card. She is promising that she will pay me back $50 a week until the balance is paid off, since she doesn’t have a credit card or even a debit card that she could use to purchase anything even if she wanted to. Hence she is frequently asking me for my assistance at times like this. So far it has worked out pretty well and I don’t mind helping out when I can.

Plain Old White Lab Coats

I always feel for the folks that are behind the counter at the local drug store. They are required to wear medical attire, which for them is the white lab coats that you see each and every one of them wearing each and every day. The same old, same old day in and day out.

Now there are pros and cons for everything and of course the pro for this issue is that you don’t have to use your imagination nor do you need to have your thinking cap on and in working order so that you can keep up with the dress code and the latest fashions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for work clothes, which is always a plus. Clothes are never cheap enough and it takes a lot of time shopping, comparing, matching and everything else that goes along with that task.

Anyway, I just wish that these good people were able to wear some of the more fashionable scrub sets that you see more and more folks in the medical field wearing, which I think is just great. I’ve seen some pretty neat medical uniforms (scrubs) in the doctor’s and dentist’s offices that I frequent through out the year. The pediatricians have a great selection to choose from and I really think that by wearing these less intimidating clothing items makes a bit of a difference for a good amount of kids that spend so much time at doctors. And anything that makes that trip any easier is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree?