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St Patrick’s Day

I love St Paddy’s day ! Mostly because I love corned beef and it gives me an excuse to make it. Corned beef has become so expensive that I really cannot justify making it more than once or twice a year. Everyone in the house loves it as well, which means I always have to purchase two because the meat gets eaten so quickly.

I have always done a traditional corned beef and cabbage pot on the stove, but I have found a new way to make it that is just as good if not better. We always have so much of the cabbage left over, I wanted something that would eliminate that waste. So I make my cabbage roasted in the oven with a balsamic drizzle when you plate it.

Instead of boiling the potatoes with the corned beef, I learned how to make colcannon. Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish that is really yummy. Just make mashed potatoes and mix with Kale. It gives the potatoes color and some extra flavor that everyone enjoys. You can google both to find out how to make them and choose a recipe that suits your taste buds.

Everyone is Getting Sick


Can’t seem to talk with anyone or go anywhere and not find that someone is sick. A lot of it is being blamed on the weather and allergies along with most people not washing their hands enough. I haven’t heard of anyone having the flu as of yet, guess more and more people are getting their flu shots, I know I always do and urge anyone that hasn’t done it yet to hurry up and get theirs before it is too late.

Flowers For Christmas In England

Sending a holiday flower arrangement overseas wasn’t as difficult as I first imagined it would be. I have always sent my BFF flowers for Christmas and since she has moved to England I’ve been wondering how I was going to manage to keep that long standing tradition going. I managed to use the Internet to my advantage, once again, and found a way to send flowers uk style that isn’t going to cost me a fortune and I’m really pleased with myself right now.

She has always been a flower child, so to speak, her parents were genuine hippies of the 70’s, so she gets it honestly. So I don’t think she will need the paper work that will be included with the directions that they always send on how to keep your newly delivered flowers fresh looking by using the additives that they always supply the receivers of the new arrivals.

She is really happy over in England for various reasons. Learning about new species of plants and flowers has kept her busy in her free time over there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she eventually started her own florist over there at some point. Might as well make some money doing something that you enjoy right.


Hate To Say Good-Bye To Summer

Today is the last day of the kids in this area’s summer vacation. I think we have everything that is on the Back To School Supply List and tonight we will be having an early dinner and hopefully the house will be nice and quiet so that we can all get to bed early to get a good night’s sleep before the big day that starts way too early for my taste.




Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11

Every year the 7-11’s give away millions of free small Slurpees on the11th of July. It is always a huge hit around here, but I have to admit it bothers me to see how sloppy people are. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to make it so hard on other people that shop there and of course for the good folks that have to clean it up through out the day and night.

This year I didn’t even stop in there because last year’s mess left a bad taste in my mouth.