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Jessie The Traveling Nurse

It is always such a treat when Jessie, my sister’s ex sister-in-law, comes into town and I am included in the visit. She is a Traveling Nurse and had spent a good amount of her adult life time in the service, so she walks and talks the army and medical issues and has more stories to tell then someone her age has the right to have. LOL! I would love to read her memoirs if she even sits down long enough to write anything down that isn’t necessary for a list, a chart or form!

She gets to see and hear a lot of the new medical items that come out that are necessary for her to learn about and learn to use. She sounds like she can do just about anything that any doctor can do, legally and morally. She can work wonders with a thermometer, blood pressure machine, a finger oximeter all the way up to an x ray machine and MRI and CAT Scans that are always changing and improving as fast as they can pump them out. None of this equipment is cheap and if I asked Jessie to give me the breakdown of what the hospitals are spending on medical equipment, I’m sure she would be able spout out some type of number and or percentage, she really has a wealth of knowledge from such a wide spread area(s).

From what I hear she may be in the area around the Memorial Day Weekend which isn’t too far in the future. This year is flying by. In just a couple of days it will be March, which is one of my favorite months of the year! Say good-bye to winter and hello to spring!

Promise Me An Early Spring

No one in my house likes Winter very much but we accept it as a necessary evil to endure on behalf of Mother Nature and the overall good. Winter is cold, wet and dark. I’ve had enough of that already and here it is only February. In these parts, Spring doesn’t normally come until the end of March.

But today we got good news! The groundhog did not see his shadow this morning, so he is promising us an early Spring! I truly hope that we have nicer weather in early March and that the groundhog is right about his prediction.

Post It Notes

I bought a pack of post it notes today and they’ve already disappeared. I think everyone loves those little self sticking notes. Some movies have even incorporated the post it notes into the story line, like The Saint. I wanted to keep them by the telephone with a pen so I could make notes if I need to write down a phone number or an address. I guess I’ll have to pick up another pack at the store tonight.

a great invention

Post It

Yamaha Audio Mixers

It seems that you can purchase a nice yamaha audio mixer for anywhere from a hundred fifty dollars all the way up to a grand. Musician’s Friend gives you the opportunity to purchase new or used items. Another way to save money is to take advantage of their overstocking and sometimes if a box was just opened, for no apparent reason, they will provide you with another discount as well.

I love the fact that they have free shipping, which is the only way to buy online as far as I’m concerned. Gone are the days of paying more for the shipping and handling than the items is worth are gone forever. I have already purchased a few items online for this up and coming Christmas. Having a hard time trying to scrounge up some holiday cheer! Especially when it is still in the 80’s and 90’s during the day and don’t get me started with the humidity!

helps keep dust off as well

Keeping It Under Cover

Burgers and More Burgers

It seems that all I eat for lunch anymore is burgers. I have tried burgers from all the fast food places and they almost always disappoint me with bland taste. The best tasting burgers are at Backyard Burgers. They are made with Angus beef and truly taste like they were grilled at home. But even the best burgers get tiring after a while.

Backyard Burger

BackYard Burgers Specials