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Flowers For Christmas In England

Sending a holiday flower arrangement overseas wasn’t as difficult as I first imagined it would be. I have always sent my BFF flowers for Christmas and since she has moved to England I’ve been wondering how I was going to manage to keep that long standing tradition going. I managed to use the Internet to my advantage, once again, and found a way to send flowers uk style that isn’t going to cost me a fortune and I’m really pleased with myself right now.

She has always been a flower child, so to speak, her parents were genuine hippies of the 70’s, so she gets it honestly. So I don’t think she will need the paper work that will be included with the directions that they always send on how to keep your newly delivered flowers fresh looking by using the additives that they always supply the receivers of the new arrivals.

She is really happy over in England for various reasons. Learning about new species of plants and flowers has kept her busy in her free time over there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she eventually started her own florist over there at some point. Might as well make some money doing something that you enjoy right.


Dog Parks

When I lived in California we had two dog parks close to my house. One was a small fenced aread with a lot of things to climb and crawl through. The other park was a large field where the dogs could actually run and chase frisbees or tennis balls. We used to go to the dog park 3 – 4 times a week.

Ever since we moved away I have not been able to find any kind of dog park anywhere around here. There is no place where I can safely take my dogs off the leash and let them run. I really miss that.

Green Life

I’m all about being green. The environment is the most precious and fragile resource we have and I would do anything within my power to protect it which is why I’ve gotten so vigilant recently about being good to the natural world around me. I want to be sure that when i have kids one day they’ll able to enjoy all the same things that I do about this great planet.

I love that there are so many ways to help – for example, last week I looked into green packages just energy had to offer and I also bought a great composting machine which is going to be perfect for keeping everything all fermented for my garden. I just love growing my own food and although some of my friends call me a hippie I’ll gladly take the name if it means I get to keep this planet safe for generations to come – I don’t even mind the sacrifices I’ve had to make along the way!


Green Home Office

I didn’t jump on the going green bandwagon immediately because I wasn’t really sure where I should start. If you don’t have a good idea of what you can do and why it’s so important than it’s really intimidating. But since then I’ve educated myself on why it’s important and some ways that I can go green. I decided that the first place in my home where I could concentrate on going green is my home office because I use it so much.

I went online to figure out a game plan and find some advice from other people who have done the exact same thing. While I was online doing that research, I came across some information about electric companies that was really helpful. It included lots of information about energy savings plans, which I had never really heard about before. I decided to sign up for one of those, which will help my whole household actually.

I guess I’ll really see the impact of that in my home office though because I use so much power there when I’m working during the week.

Green Web Hosting

I’m so happy to find out that there are numerous website hostings that are doing what they can do in order to join in on the “green movement” that is ever growing in popularity in today’s world. I ran across a web hosting rating and directory earlier today that lists the Best 10 Eco-friendly Web Hosting Providers that really caught my attention and I would like now to pass along here and to my friends, family and co workers that I come in contact with. This site is called and it has a lot of great information on all types of Web Hostings, not just the green ones, mind you.

In the green category Webhostinghub comes in first, iPage comes in second, leaving HostGator in third place. To find the complete listing you can click here. We all have choices in our lives, I think we owe it to ourselves and our Mother Earth to do what ever it takes to keep her healthy and going strong for the future generations that will be relying on all that she has to offer. I want my kids and my grand kids and their kids to have clean water, clean air and everything else that we are provided with in our lifetime. So please pass the word, for the kids of the future……………