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Wellness Drink For Joint Pain

My sister was telling me that I should call 1-800-203-7063 and ask for a free 32 ounce bottle of the Nopalea wellness drink that everyone seems to be talking about. I have been having some joint pain in both of my hips, which is most likely arthritis, but I’m not quite ready yet to admit it or talk to my Primary Care Doctor about it, although I know darn well that arthritis runs in the family, both sides.

Sis tells me that the healing properties of the Nopal cactus has been being used for native peoples for many centuries for a variety of health issues and that she personally knows a few people that have been drinking this wellness drink daily and have seen a significant improvement that they are thrilled with. So all I have to do is call and pay the $9.95 shipping and handling charge to get my first bottle of this all natural wellness drink to see if I can handle the taste of it, since I am known for being an extremely picky eater (and drinker) and then take it from there.

I know I should go see my doctor but I really don’t like taking time off of work to go see him and he isn’t the warm and fuzzy type of person that I wish he would be, but he is all that I have since my current insurance has a limited list of doctors that accept them, sigh…….

For The Love of Dogs

It looks like it is time to start looking for new collars and new dog tags for dogs. The ones that our two beloved dogs are wearing now have both seen better days at this point. Actually I think I will look for harnesses for them to wear instead of a collar, I have been hearing that these harnesses are much better for Pugs since there has been an issue with their eyes popping out of their sockets while wearing collars that are too tight and then pulled on. That would not be a good thing for any of us to witness or deal with. I can’t even imagine how any of us would re act to something like that and of course with our luck it would happen at night or on the weekend when non of the local vets would be open for us to take them to.

We have been seeing some pretty cool custom dog tags for dogs online lately that I want to check out later on today. So I might as well look at harnesses as well even though we have a local Petco in town that we do business with from time to time. I really do prefer to do as much shopping online as possible. The one good thing about going to this particular store is that you are allowed to bring your pets in with you and makes for a good outing for the whole family. Unfortunately neither one of our Pugs do well in the car, after 15 minutes of riding one or the other will certainly throw up and that is no fun to deal with while trying to drive. And the kids don’t take kindly with riding the rest of the way there with vomit on their laps and various other places in the car!

Green Life

I’m all about being green. The environment is the most precious and fragile resource we have and I would do anything within my power to protect it which is why I’ve gotten so vigilant recently about being good to the natural world around me. I want to be sure that when i have kids one day they’ll able to enjoy all the same things that I do about this great planet.

I love that there are so many ways to help – for example, last week I looked into green packages just energy had to offer and I also bought a great composting machine which is going to be perfect for keeping everything all fermented for my garden. I just love growing my own food and although some of my friends call me a hippie I’ll gladly take the name if it means I get to keep this planet safe for generations to come – I don’t even mind the sacrifices I’ve had to make along the way!


Just A Gut Feeling About My Dentist

Although having the Internet makes life a good amount easier with so many daily tasks that we all need to deal with, it is still a pain in the rear to have to find a new doctor or dentist. I’ve been looking for a new dentist for a few months now, not jumping into anything, just biding my time, so to speak. It hasn’t been all that long since I have seen my current dentist, but I just have a feeling that I need to find another one, one that I feel more comfortable and confident with.

I’ve been using the same dentist for as long as I can remember. He is nice enough but he just seems to be stuck in what I call “the stone ages” and I have just been feeling a bit creepy the last few years that I have gone for my appointments with him. You know how it is with someone that you just get this gut feeling about. Can’t put my finger quite on it, but one thing that I have learned is to listen to my gut. And right now my gut is saying “Get out you fool, you fool!”

creeping me out

Is This Creepy Or What?


Sinus Headache

Before we moved here I never had any trouble with allergies. But now I have allergies in the Spring and in the Fall. In the Spring I’ve noticed that my allergies come out when the Red Bud trees first start turning red and blooming. It lasts for about 2 weeks.

In the Fall, I have trouble when the weatherman says that ragweed is the main allergy. Sometimes the ragweed gets really bad in August, but mostly it gets bad in September. And then when the leaves start to turn color and fall to the ground, the wet leaves get mold growing on them. I’m very allergic to mold. So depending upon when the ragweed gets bad, I can have problems for almost three months in the fall.

Allergy Headache

Sinus Headache