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Indoor Skydiving – How Cool Is That

Oh how I love Check out this really cool  footage from the world indoor skydiving championship 2008 that was held somewhere over  in England. This is something that really looks like it could be some good clean fun, maybe something that I’d even attempt to do maybe with a little prompting.  Funny how if I did it indoors like what these good folks are going it would be O.K. but to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, no way! LOL!

I am getting a bit frustrated with lately, they keep changing the format and I am constantly trying to figure out how to find my way around it. My Playlist keeps shrinking all the time because so many of my videos have been removed for one reason or another and they don’t even tell you what video it was, you just get a total blank screen, man that gets on my last nerve. I’d just like the chance to replace it with another version, if possible.

Nichole and Guitar Music

My over night stay with my sister and her six year daughter Nichole, my favorite niece of all time. Believe me I have a whole slew of nieces and nephews and Nichole has stolen my heart since the day she was welcomed into this world. I have witnessed and have played an important role in various births, family and a few close friends, but this one was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Nichole is starving for attention. Having a single mom is a difficult situation on everyone involved with the whole world seeming to be at your door wanting to come in and make things worse. Each one with their own agenda and expecting something in return, simple as that.

Anyway, I try to visit them as much as possible, it’s only a two hour drive but I have to go over 2 mountains to get there and often the roads are way too dangerous to drive on. I always bring several “presents” to surprise and delight her. I can’t seem to get enough of seeing that wonderful and totally pure excitement and the ear-to-ear smile that just lights my life up for several days after leaving them to head back over the 2 mountains to where I now call home.

This time I brought a lap steel guitar and gave it to her so that when I play my guitar she can play around on this wonderful lap steel guitar so that we can sing and play together. This girl is just exploding with musical talents, loves to dance and sing and is able to keep a beat no matter what type of music comes on. I would love to encourage her in any way possible to explore and find at least one musical instrument that she can play for the rest of her life. Music = Life while Life = Music, simple as that.

something different and unique

Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag

Yamaha Audio Mixers

It seems that you can purchase a nice yamaha audio mixer for anywhere from a hundred fifty dollars all the way up to a grand. Musician’s Friend gives you the opportunity to purchase new or used items. Another way to save money is to take advantage of their overstocking and sometimes if a box was just opened, for no apparent reason, they will provide you with another discount as well.

I love the fact that they have free shipping, which is the only way to buy online as far as I’m concerned. Gone are the days of paying more for the shipping and handling than the items is worth are gone forever. I have already purchased a few items online for this up and coming Christmas. Having a hard time trying to scrounge up some holiday cheer! Especially when it is still in the 80’s and 90’s during the day and don’t get me started with the humidity!

helps keep dust off as well

Keeping It Under Cover

Keeping Busy

Saw a note on a parenting board about wanting ideas for keeping a 4 year old busy during the day. I know a lot of people send their child to preschool or an organized Parent’s Day Out, but  lot of people do just stay at home most days.

I love small children and have never had a problem finding things to do during the day and keeping busy. But some people do not relate well to younger children and they struggle with communicating at a 4 year old’s level.

Remembering The Amps

Anyone who knows anything about amplifiers could tell you that a good amplifier is one of the best things you can do for a great sound. I know that when we were growing up, my older brother always wanted a 300 watt amp to use with and for his band that always played and practiced in our garage, but never got one until many years later. It was my idea to find a good deal on an amplifier and have everyone in the family pitch in so that we could get a good quality fender amp for him on his 21st birthday.

I just stumbled onto a bunch of photos and found one with him standing there, just as happy as a clam, with his new Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head. I am going to scan the photo and put it on Facebook for everyone that utilizes Facebook these days to enjoy.

a great 300 watts

Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head