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Promise Me An Early Spring

No one in my house likes Winter very much but we accept it as a necessary evil to endure on behalf of Mother Nature and the overall good. Winter is cold, wet and dark. I’ve had enough of that already and here it is only February. In these parts, Spring doesn’t normally come until the end of March.

But today we got good news! The groundhog did not see his shadow this morning, so he is promising us an early Spring! I truly hope that we have nicer weather in early March and that the groundhog is right about his prediction.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar Cleaning

Not only is vinegar a good product for so many usages, but hydrogen peroxide cleaning is right up there with them. I ran across a very interest website that explained the various ways that people can use hydrogen peroxide cleaning. I was surprised that I wasn’t aware of many of them is a great site to find all types of cleaning ideas and products. Take a look you might be surprised at some of their methods and tips.

Yamaha Audio Mixers

It seems that you can purchase a nice yamaha audio mixer for anywhere from a hundred fifty dollars all the way up to a grand. Musician’s Friend gives you the opportunity to purchase new or used items. Another way to save money is to take advantage of their overstocking and sometimes if a box was just opened, for no apparent reason, they will provide you with another discount as well.

I love the fact that they have free shipping, which is the only way to buy online as far as I’m concerned. Gone are the days of paying more for the shipping and handling than the items is worth are gone forever. I have already purchased a few items online for this up and coming Christmas. Having a hard time trying to scrounge up some holiday cheer! Especially when it is still in the 80’s and 90’s during the day and don’t get me started with the humidity!

helps keep dust off as well

Keeping It Under Cover

Just A Gut Feeling About My Dentist

Although having the Internet makes life a good amount easier with so many daily tasks that we all need to deal with, it is still a pain in the rear to have to find a new doctor or dentist. I’ve been looking for a new dentist for a few months now, not jumping into anything, just biding my time, so to speak. It hasn’t been all that long since I have seen my current dentist, but I just have a feeling that I need to find another one, one that I feel more comfortable and confident with.

I’ve been using the same dentist for as long as I can remember. He is nice enough but he just seems to be stuck in what I call “the stone ages” and I have just been feeling a bit creepy the last few years that I have gone for my appointments with him. You know how it is with someone that you just get this gut feeling about. Can’t put my finger quite on it, but one thing that I have learned is to listen to my gut. And right now my gut is saying “Get out you fool, you fool!”

creeping me out

Is This Creepy Or What?


Presidential Debates and The Vote

This will be the first time that I have been able to vote in the Presidential election that will be held in next November. I’m not sure just where this voting will take place, it seems that they are constantly changing the location for one reason or another and no one has a clue what next year will bring to the voters in this particular voting district.

I have been told to expect to be pulled aside after I vote by some people who will be taking exit polls, something that I really didn’t know existed. I do know that if some one comes up to me and asks me who I voted for I will tell them that it is none of their business, and that is why we have voting booths that provide the privacy that is necessary when voting.

To be honest I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for at this point. There are so many candidates still at this point and so many things being said and printed about the front runners that it is all just jumbled up in my head right now. I have been trying to watch the debates that are being aired on television and online. There are some wacky things being said by these folks, makes me wonder what this world is coming to and it puts pressure on the registered to make the right decision.


Voting Booths For Privacy