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Jessie The Traveling Nurse

It is always such a treat when Jessie, my sister’s ex sister-in-law, comes into town and I am included in the visit. She is a Traveling Nurse and had spent a good amount of her adult life time in the service, so she walks and talks the army and medical issues and has more stories to tell then someone her age has the right to have. LOL! I would love to read her memoirs if she even sits down long enough to write anything down that isn’t necessary for a list, a chart or form!

She gets to see and hear a lot of the new medical items that come out that are necessary for her to learn about and learn to use. She sounds like she can do just about anything that any doctor can do, legally and morally. She can work wonders with a thermometer, blood pressure machine, a finger oximeter all the way up to an x ray machine and MRI and CAT Scans that are always changing and improving as fast as they can pump them out. None of this equipment is cheap and if I asked Jessie to give me the breakdown of what the hospitals are spending on medical equipment, I’m sure she would be able spout out some type of number and or percentage, she really has a wealth of knowledge from such a wide spread area(s).

From what I hear she may be in the area around the Memorial Day Weekend which isn’t too far in the future. This year is flying by. In just a couple of days it will be March, which is one of my favorite months of the year! Say good-bye to winter and hello to spring!

Plain Old White Lab Coats

I always feel for the folks that are behind the counter at the local drug store. They are required to wear medical attire, which for them is the white lab coats that you see each and every one of them wearing each and every day. The same old, same old day in and day out.

Now there are pros and cons for everything and of course the pro for this issue is that you don’t have to use your imagination nor do you need to have your thinking cap on and in working order so that you can keep up with the dress code and the latest fashions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for work clothes, which is always a plus. Clothes are never cheap enough and it takes a lot of time shopping, comparing, matching and everything else that goes along with that task.

Anyway, I just wish that these good people were able to wear some of the more fashionable scrub sets that you see more and more folks in the medical field wearing, which I think is just great. I’ve seen some pretty neat medical uniforms (scrubs) in the doctor’s and dentist’s offices that I frequent through out the year. The pediatricians have a great selection to choose from and I really think that by wearing these less intimidating clothing items makes a bit of a difference for a good amount of kids that spend so much time at doctors. And anything that makes that trip any easier is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree?

Just A Gut Feeling About My Dentist

Although having the Internet makes life a good amount easier with so many daily tasks that we all need to deal with, it is still a pain in the rear to have to find a new doctor or dentist. I’ve been looking for a new dentist for a few months now, not jumping into anything, just biding my time, so to speak. It hasn’t been all that long since I have seen my current dentist, but I just have a feeling that I need to find another one, one that I feel more comfortable and confident with.

I’ve been using the same dentist for as long as I can remember. He is nice enough but he just seems to be stuck in what I call “the stone ages” and I have just been feeling a bit creepy the last few years that I have gone for my appointments with him. You know how it is with someone that you just get this gut feeling about. Can’t put my finger quite on it, but one thing that I have learned is to listen to my gut. And right now my gut is saying “Get out you fool, you fool!”

creeping me out

Is This Creepy Or What?


Our Last Summer Camping Trip Together

It makes me really sad that my kids are all going to be going off to college this year. Our older two will be returning to college, but our youngest is starting her first year. Well, this summer has been really special for me because of that and I’m planning a big camping trip for our family before they all have to go back to school.

We used to go camping pretty often when the kids were smaller, but in the past few years we haven’t had as many opportunities to go as in years past.

I won’t be forgetting any of the ample supplies that I’ve bought to make lots and lots of smores while we’re there. I think that I’ll have even more fun though since I looked up all of these camping tips that I’m going to make sure and apply to our big trip.

Keeping Busy

Saw a note on a parenting board about wanting ideas for keeping a 4 year old busy during the day. I know a lot of people send their child to preschool or an organized Parent’s Day Out, but  lot of people do just stay at home most days.

I love small children and have never had a problem finding things to do during the day and keeping busy. But some people do not relate well to younger children and they struggle with communicating at a 4 year old’s level.