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Deals On YouTube

The day I discovered YouTube was a great day. Now it seems as if I have been on it for ages and that it has been there forever for all of our music and video wants and needs. So it was weird to hear on the radio today that YouTube has really only been around since 2005. What in the world did we do without it?

Today I was spending a bit of free time online during lunch at my desk and ended up on YouTube, which as you know you go just click and keep clicking and keep coming up with great stuff one right after another, forever.

I stumbled upon a video about a music shop near me that seemed to have some pretty good products going for some pretty decent prices. It’s not the first time I’d seen or heard of Musician’s Friend but I did a bit of checking around and it seems to check out. Since I am trying to do as much of my Christmas shopping online this year, sites like these will come into play more and more in the next couple of weeks.

Presidential Debates and The Vote

This will be the first time that I have been able to vote in the Presidential election that will be held in next November. I’m not sure just where this voting will take place, it seems that they are constantly changing the location for one reason or another and no one has a clue what next year will bring to the voters in this particular voting district.

I have been told to expect to be pulled aside after I vote by some people who will be taking exit polls, something that I really didn’t know existed. I do know that if some one comes up to me and asks me who I voted for I will tell them that it is none of their business, and that is why we have voting booths that provide the privacy that is necessary when voting.

To be honest I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for at this point. There are so many candidates still at this point and so many things being said and printed about the front runners that it is all just jumbled up in my head right now. I have been trying to watch the debates that are being aired on television and online. There are some wacky things being said by these folks, makes me wonder what this world is coming to and it puts pressure on the registered to make the right decision.


Voting Booths For Privacy

Keeping Busy

Saw a note on a parenting board about wanting ideas for keeping a 4 year old busy during the day. I know a lot of people send their child to preschool or an organized Parent’s Day Out, but  lot of people do just stay at home most days.

I love small children and have never had a problem finding things to do during the day and keeping busy. But some people do not relate well to younger children and they struggle with communicating at a 4 year old’s level.

Serious About Personal Protection

If you have ever had to deal face to face with a criminal, you probably never want to have to go through that again. It happened to me a couple of years ago and I was scared to death. I still have bad memories from it, even though everything turned out OK at the end of the day.

We had no idea anything bad was about to happen, just enjoying a low keyed Friday night, watching a little TV and getting ready to turn in for the night, when the dog barked funny and we heard a strange noise on our porch. All of a sudden someone started banging on our door and yelling. I was freaked out. We couldn’t tell what he was saying other than “Open up bitch!” and things like that, so we knew it was not the cops.

I called 911 and went looking for some kind of weapon, as I don’t have guns and have never wanted guns in my house. But with this guy banging on the door and screaming obscenities, I figured I might need something for protection. I found a baseball bat in the hall closet and I was ready to take a couple of hard whacks to this jerk if he somehow busted through my door. Hubby found a big, heavy crescent wrench. Between the two of us we could have put a serious hurting on a bad guy.

We would have been so much better off if we had found home security and arranged for their home alarm service. I could have hit the panic button and the police would have been dispatched to my house right away. When you are faced with an attempted home invasion or assault, every second counts.

Music of YesterYear

It’s so cool to see that people are looking for and turning to the old vinyl album records that were popular and used back in the day when my parents were teenagers. My folks gave me a stack of old 45’s when I was about 11 and let me play them on an old portable record player that they found at a yard sale for only a couple of bucks in case I ruined it it wouldn’t cost them a lot of money to fix or replace.

The only songs that I remember that were on that stack of 45’s are Wild Thing and Suicide is Painless (the theme song for the hit TV series about the Korean War – MASH. And every time I hear either one of those songs such a flood of memories come rushing in and I can just see that old record player that was in a red and white striped case. Not sure what ever happened to that old thing or the stack of 45’s that they entrusted me with. Most likely it was trashed many years ago and will never be seen or used again by anyone, such a shame when I think about it.

There are a lot ways to get to listen to all types of music these days and a ton of music out there just waiting to go home with some one to be listened to and enjoyed over and over. Music is such a big part of most peoples lives. I can’t imagine life with out music. I have found an Oldies Music website that has a great selection of music from days gone by, as well as some pretty cool and unusual DVDs that they have put on their site for sale.