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Date Night: Bowling With My Boyfriend

Now that we have 2 children, sneaking away for date night isn’t always easy. After setting our home security alarm and dropping the kids off, we always spend a few minutes discussing what to do. Should we see a movie? Head to our favorite restaurant for a delicious dinner? Take a walk in the park? After careful deliberation, we often decide that going bowling is what we want to do.

I love bowling. My boyfriend and I are both extremely competitive, and bowling gives us a chance to entertain this shared characteristic. We often bowl alone, but sometimes we are joined by other couples. Occasionally, we bring the kids.

Our local bowling alley has a fun atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights. Strobe lights, smoke, and loud music make bowling together even more fun than it usually is. On nights when we’re feeling confident and outgoing, we participate in karaoke and dance contests with the other bowlers. We have yet to win any prizes, but there’s always next time!

Sometimes my boyfriend ends up with a higher score than I do, but that’s only because I let him win (at least that’s what I tell him). On our next bowling date, I’m going to get strike after strike, with a few spares thrown in. No gutter balls, though. I have to beat my boyfriend’s score.

Electronic Cigarettes

We seem to be hearing and seeing these new fangled electronic cigarettes that there has been so much hype about these past couple of years. It seems that most of the convenience stores have signs right on the door or the front window stating that you can buy electronic cigarettes in there, and the prices don’t seem to be that unreasonable. Of course I understand now that you have to buy additional cartridges for them on occasion and I don’t have a clue how much those costs at this point, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find out considering the Internet brings you that kind of information in just a moment or two.

I was in the grocery store a few weeks back and passed a guy in the tea and coffee aisle that had what appeared to be a lit cigarette, which provoked me to take a second look, which then I figured out that it did not have any odor and that I didn’t see a single cloud of cigarette smoke hanging in the air. Of course he saw the funny look on my face and he made a comment that his new electronic cigarette was bringing him a lot in attention when he used it in places that you normally wouldn’t see a person smoking anything. And that he has been asked a few times all ready to please extinguish it or go outside!¬† LOL

Nursery Rhyme

If someone asked you to recite a nursery rhyme, which one comes to mind first?

The one that I though of is “Hickory Dickory Dock, a Mouse ran up the clock.”

I have no idea why that came to mind just now but I’m sure there is some deep psychological reason. LOL

what do you think of

Hickory Dickery Dock


The Issue of Watches

Even though a lot of people are turning to their cell phones and other electronic devices to see what time it is. I have still enjoyed wearing my wrist watches so that I don’t have to dig out my cell phone to see the time, I’d rather have it at a quick glance. I love going to the flea market, there are several vendors there that always have the greatest selection of watches that you can try on and hopefully purchase if the price is right.

I also enjoy looking online to see all the new fangled automatic watches that are out on the market now. Of course there are other types of watches to utilize as well. My grandfather always had a nice pocket watch that he either had in his pocket (Dah) or hanging from a chain clipped somewhere on his shirt. My mother on the hand used to wear a nice necklace watch that I always was fascinated with and always wanted her to let me wear.

I’ve even seen some pretty cool ring watches, but I don’t think that I could handle all of the bulk on any of my fingers. Anyway I’m glad to know that there are still plenty of options available to us all to see what time of the day (or night) it is and I hope that more people will head back to this wonderful time pieces instead of all the digital ways that we have been getting used to.

Medical Uniforms For Today’s Medical Professionals

I you are looking or know anyone looking to buy hospital scrubs or any type of medical uniforms I would urge anyone to check out what you can find at . My sister works at the local hospital and is always looking for new scrubs to wear to work, so when I found this site I emailed her the link and thought that I would pass it along here as well considering how many people work in the medical field these days.

I think that it is so cool that these folks that work in the medical field are no longer limited to those starched white uniforms of days gone by. There are so many choices out there now for them to wear each day in whatever field that they have picked to work in, especially the ones that work with kids. I have seen some of the cutest designs on these hard working professionals and I think it helps make the kids feel more at ease in a stressful situation that they have been placed in for what ever medical reason, ya know!