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Date Night: Bowling With My Boyfriend

Now that we have 2 children, sneaking away for date night isn’t always easy. After setting our home security alarm and dropping the kids off, we always spend a few minutes discussing what to do. Should we see a movie? Head to our favorite restaurant for a delicious dinner? Take a walk in the park? After careful deliberation, we often decide that going bowling is what we want to do.

I love bowling. My boyfriend and I are both extremely competitive, and bowling gives us a chance to entertain this shared characteristic. We often bowl alone, but sometimes we are joined by other couples. Occasionally, we bring the kids.

Our local bowling alley has a fun atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights. Strobe lights, smoke, and loud music make bowling together even more fun than it usually is. On nights when we’re feeling confident and outgoing, we participate in karaoke and dance contests with the other bowlers. We have yet to win any prizes, but there’s always next time!

Sometimes my boyfriend ends up with a higher score than I do, but that’s only because I let him win (at least that’s what I tell him). On our next bowling date, I’m going to get strike after strike, with a few spares thrown in. No gutter balls, though. I have to beat my boyfriend’s score.

Disaster Date On MTV

If you get a chance to watch MTV’s hit show “Disaster Date” I would most definitely encourage you to take a few minutes and get ready to have a chuckle or two at these poor unsuspecting young single adults that are being taken for a ride on national TV by their pranking friends.

Its been years since I went on a date, although we have “date night once in a while. Our date night is so much nicer – none of the nervousness and worries. We just go out someplace and enjoy being out and together. What a difference it makes to love someone and know that you are loved back.